We offer innovative material processing techniques adapted to the most demanding applications.

The AppCell company, specialized in gluing and melt processing. Our expertise includes subcontracting major accounts in luxury goods, aerospace, construction … and other sectors. We use complex assembly and processing techniques.

We guarantee a finished product delivered ready to use.

AppCell is also present in activities related to the connected objects industry.

AppCell’s expertise :

A great expertise in assembling and laminating materials

Different cutting methods adapted to our customers’ needs : series, kits, etc …

A rare knowledge of heat molding process of cellular and fibrous materials.

Assembling and laminating

AppCell uses different assembling techniques for plastic, textile or fibrous matters …

AppCell develops, in particular, a real expertise in the use of hot melt films and in PSA-type (pressure-sensitive adhesive) HOTMELT glueing. AppCell uses a non-reactive thermoplastic product based on synthetic rubber, solvent-free garanteed. These products have a permanent adhesive power after cooling off.

AppCell assembling methods have been specially adapted to this business. It allows very precise glue weight control and guarantees compliance with the most stringent standards.

2D cutting

The products assembled by AppCell are provided in the form of sheets or rolls. They can be delivered as is.

However, to meet the demands of our customers, we are able to produce parts cut in series or kit.

3D cutting

AppCell has a real expertise in hot melt techniques for these complex materials.

Applications are various. They are frequently used in the following industries:

  • Luxury leather goods
  • Sport and leisure
  • Protection / Security
  • Medical
  • Aerospace

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