AppCell brings innovative solutions in complexing and material processing adapted to the changes that come with our time.


Join a safer world with AppCell.

Appcell develops personal protection equipment in accordance with current standards and using the best materials.

Join an easier world with AppCell.

As a replacement for the tedious manual glueing, Appcell offers integrated implementation solutions that make it easy to lay on any type of media.

Join a greener world with AppCell.

Our materials are selected based on their low VOC emissions so you can use them safely even in the most sensitive areas!

Join a more connected world with AppCell.

AppCell uses hot laminating techniques on materials that can integrate sensors without damaging them.

Join a more silent world with AppCell.

The complexing of rare and high-performance acoustic materials constitutes the basis of the solutions offered by AppCell. Melamine resin, sintered PU barriers, aluminum foils complexed on any cellular or fibrous support are among the most frequently offered by AppCell.

Join a more aesthetic world with AppCell.

AppCell has real expertise in complexing and heat molding materials such as leather without altering its appearance. This is the case for 3D transformation, in particular in the luxury industry.

A world where everything is still possible...

« Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. »

Albert Einstein

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